4 de junio de 2014

X edition of the MONUJ23

This event was amazing, the whole weekend was one of the most special celebration of MUN's community of Juan XXIII. We celebrated ten years of hardworking with activities related with international meetings, bilateral trades between countries until warfare situations. 

The people's happiness was pretty easy to see everywhere, the competition, and the high quality of delegates and representatives were high. Special positive vibrations were in the first day ceremony, the tension, stress, happiness created a unique feel.

On other hand, I was participating as special representation with Anabet in General Historic Asambley. We were chile on the trouble of the human rights with their last dictator in the twenties. Otherwise, I could be part of the crisis staff for while that time. I could see, a hear that all the faculties ,who were helping their students, were so proud of the MONUJ23. The situation isn't simple here right now, even though the staff worked hard to make this happen.

Personally, I'm so glad to see new generation becoming United Nations staff of my past high school. I'm feel as old school, the more I teach the new guys, the more old and oldschool teacher I become.

I bet that the next MONUJ23, my girlfriend's MONUJ23 will be awesome, but Just with the cooperative work between then and us will could do that.

Congrats guys!

19 de mayo de 2014

Almost gone

My trip into Oklahoma is almost done, I took many good things that this piece of land chear me. I feel like another guy from Oklahoma, maybe I already keep some oklahoma accent, who knows...

Going back with this article, I just want to say thank you guys for everything you have done to me along of this wonderful trip. I learned a lot! I really impressive of how ignorant I was before. The muslams are people so interesting, their culture is just amazing, keeping in mind, I will.

The Asian cultures gave me the meaning of how different they are each other. Already I'm turning to be angry with the people who called all of them Chinese.

I'm so glad also with the such amazing host family, with them was really easy to feel in family and be sure that I'm with the best kind and pleasent people. Thankful is not enough to say thank you with them.

I will ever remember the little, handsome, and happy Paz, the girly, fearless and funny Aisley. Taytem is someone who is a really good reader, intelligent, and researcher of why the thing in this world are like this and how? Or when? In other words, she will be really knowledgeful.

What can I say with Oklahoma? Seriously I will remember oklahoma with my foots. I walked a lot! The land of the conservatives since the first time showed me how different can be united state, and how kind the people can be inside the real people from US.

Thank you guys, I will never forget this trip, and also I will keep in touch with all of you!

8 de abril de 2014

Such a Amazing Result of Communal Work

This is my new article which I was inspired of the different researches that I have been doing about the human Development. I have seen more things like this but this one it’s the best, and it's something that it need to be showed.

Community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria’s largest city

Here, It's another example of how the humans, the people, and exactly the community can work together to committee the same goals. This innovated floating school it’s located in Lagos, Nigeria where there has a fishing community who lives on the water, and survives fishing every day. The poor resources that are not available to get for them are the principle things as education. They just knew that the way to get their goals is the assembly and the union of this community.

I was really impressive for the qualities of the eco-sustainable architecture that this architect created. This is another meaning of we don’t need luxurious and expensive thing to get happiness and development. I really detect the different practical things which the infrastructure works. The first floor is a kind of lobby where the fishers and the kid can meet each other and create new fishing stuff or artisanal methods of fishing, the second floor was created for the classes and actually the outdoors walls have a space for install a wonderful and meaningful picture or paint referring with the Nigerian culture; and the last and third floor is for the breaks times with a awesome view.

I hope that this article give us a learning of how can we be effective in our communities and how can we work for the people around you, in spite of the fact of everyone has a different major and skill, also I want to show you all that the small and meaningful things can do more than you think.


I want to give you more info about this, so that it’s here. Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, built for the historic water community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. As a pilot project, it has taken an innovative approach to address the community’s social and physical needs in view of the impact of climate change and a rapidly urbanizing African context. Its main aim is to generate a sustainable, ecological, alternative building system and urban water culture for the teeming population of Africa’s coastal regions.

2 de abril de 2014

Don’t tell my mom that I’m in Oklahoma City, the Tornados season iscoming

If you don’t know Oklahoma City is characterized for the constant changing weather, this makes the people confused with the different Medias which show unclearly reports. Oklahoma state is located in the middle of the U.S, also in the middle of the connection of cold air which comes to the north and the hot weather which comes to Mexico or the Caribbean sea.

This season of the years the temperature becomes to upgrade to warmers temperature. All the natives from here have been mentioning so relaxed as that isn’t a big deal , but actually for me its something that I’ve never seen. Today the news mentioned that the probabilities are the 15% or 20% of possibilities tornados creation, and this is just the begging for 2 large months of be care about that.

Here the people said that “If you don’t like the weather, well just wait 5 minutes” this is crazy and the same time. Indeed, I have been here for more than 7 months, already I can agree with them. Today has been so hot and with lot humidity. You need to go to classes with sweaters and other warmer stuff, and go back home with shorts and simple shirt.

The title of this “Don’t tell my mom” is because she and my Girlfriend always thought about this before this trip. It’s crazy sounds like a TV show but right now with the Extreme nature.

This is a picture of one paint which I took in the Capitol State from Oklahoma 

20 de marzo de 2014

The cry freedom of Bantu Stephen Biko

First at all, I was reading a some pieces of paragraphs about the Biko's life. I got impresive to know about Mandela, and don't have idea about this revolutionary. The Biko's fight was proudly won for justice of the people from South Africa.

This guy even if he was working with a white man, he tried to do his work, and he did well after all. The revolutionary detail of his fight was find a white guy with his same heart. That's scenario was perfect to help the black's cause. The fight against to the white government on that time was impossible. That was a completely suicide for the people, but we need always someone to do job to be leader a wake up the people who want the change. When they were fighting neather Biko nor Wood,the white Journalist man, won the fight in the past.The results and achievements ocurred years later as always on revolutionaries fights.

Finally Biko was killed, and Donald Wood with his family scaped to Lesotho by iternational aid.

Right now Biko is everywhere and his ideas are in all the people who are care about human rights and justice.

The blackboard with some ordinary explanation with my own drawings

12 de marzo de 2014

More Opportunities To The Intellectual Sphere

In Spite of the fact of learning, all the students from everywhere want to get more and more knowledge. On other hand, many Internationals come to U.S, They Seek Opportunities to join to the universities which are getting seriously difficult. Joining in one university from U.S is a dream for everybody. However, the TOEFL and IELTS are a kind of flirter which doesn’t pass any human who don’t know the language very well, even if the person is the smartest. Should the universities be more softly with the requires score of TOEFL and IELTS?

Whenever, the universities don’t enable the international students, they are losing money which they can use to develop new academic areas. Many people search for entering into these academic spheres which are full of knowledge, and are just waiting for people who really can speak the English. My opinion has always been clear. That opinion is that all the financial profits should go to the academic area. The prime thing which I would expend money, is in education, so all the universities should be considered not about me, for the people who think in the same way.

Other important topic is the internationals who are smarter than others. The most of the time this crew of people should be helped because they have amazing ideas, and innovator things which could upgrade the tech-development. However. These people sometimes cant pass these universities requires for silly grammatical mistakes that maybe one American has more than of 5 or 8 mistakes like that. These international emigrate to come here and expend money on intellect for himself or herself. If we would give them the same opportunities as here in America, the world would be an amazing place.

Some people would talk about "the misunderstanding problems" that may will happen. Something which is not true because the students who apply to go to any university, and have little mistakes. They will lose those mistakes because they will be practicing all the time and they will be in the academic sphere which they want to join. However, the most of the time the people get … for example (5.0 or 5.50 with IELTS), and almost all the universities have required score of 6.0, something which is not understandable because for one ordinary American is hard to get those points.

Technically, we can figure out that the universities have been getting strong polices and hard academic requirements which are a challenge for the international students. The universities don’t appreciate the revenues that they can get for expand the academic researchers or news careers later. Even Though they almost don’t have misunderstanding problems with their international students, they want to preserve the school requires of the academics tests. The opportunities to advance and helping new ideas from the people who don’t speak perfectly, are being lost. The clear solution against these universities which are getting harder to join is simple. The best proposal is reduce the scheme of the required scores. This Solution will help everyone and bring opportunities.

9 de enero de 2014

My Girlfriend's Project

Este artículo lo empiezo por la inspiración de que mi novia en su proyecto de historia, busco un tema que la verdad sea bastante interesante , que no sea un cliché y que de verdad lo enseñe algo nuevo. Así mismo aprovecho en brindarle un sería de sucesos históricos que pudieron ser tan importante como muchos, pero fueron escondidos en la historia, así mismo saber de un nuevo país es una excelente idea de conocer nuevas culturas y saber como se viví en otro "beta". Por finalizar escogimos esto como base...

La Vida Albanesa

Dentro que cabe en la opinión vulgar de cualquier persona , Albania no es un país famoso por sus logros en su pasado o viéndolo de otra forma fue un país que su patriotismo era ejemplar y suficiente para emplear un país donde sus estadísticas de "desarrollo humano" estaban entre las más altas en los 60s y 80s.

Mientras que anabet lee los artículos de lo que fue el estado económico, político y social de Albania , simplemente fui dándome cuenta que estaba interesada. De saber más del mismo, cuando me da la noticia de que esto es lo que quiere para su proyecto.

Mientras hablamos y discutimos diferentes parámetros, normas APA y directrices de como se redacta un documento BI, pudimos llegar a un pregunta según un muy importante suceso dentro del país que nos dio paso a hacer la pregunta de investigación, Cual fue...

De que modo se tornó el estado político-ideológico de la República Popular de Albania después de la ruptura de relaciones con la República Popular China en el 1978?

Esta pregunta nos dio paso o personalmente a ella a saber más y más de dicho suceso o de Albania. Algo que me parece excelente es que aspiró de como trabaja ella de que hará un trabajo excelente que la ayude a ella y amo a saber más de ese país, como también darnos la motivación en el día que vayamos a viajar allá, como lo dice muy bien "La lista de lugares por conocer en el mundo" que hicimos durante nuestra relación.

Siempre me a gustado la opinión de la gente sobre estas cosas por eso los invito a que comenten u opinen de cualquier forma, contactarme en Twitter  o cualquier red social como ask para preguntarnos o preguntarme ,o simplemente darme una opinión sobre esto.


Derrepente siga escribiendo sobre este interesante país...