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Star Wars "The Hero Journey thesis"

Looking forward many opinions, I realize that we need to compare the first Star Wars Movie with this new movie called “The Force Awakens”, and make by yourself the basis which makes all Star Wars movies successful brochures of the real timeline. Making a short summary of “A New Hope”, which a saw it with my girlfriend the last week, we can see how one movie of George Lucas usually is.
Star Wars was a low budget science-fiction film that became a blockbuster box office success. The movie has been extremely popular with all cultures and ages for several decades. As well as being popular Star Wars also conveys many important themes. I Believe on of the more prominent themes throughout the movie is the classic hero journey. The hero journey is a major part of stories and myths throughout the world. Both primitive and modern cultures use hero journeys as the basis for stories. The three main parts of a hero journey are the departure, the initiation, and the return. Luke´s departure is caus…

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